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Want to learn about finance but don't know where to start?

Join the ACADEMY at MNYMSTRS for a guided journey
to help you understand how money works.


MNYMSTRS has been created with one purpose – to
improve financial literacy so we can all make better
decisions about our money.

Bite-sized learning to simplify the complexities of finance.

Bite-sized learning to simplify the complexities of finance.

A guided journey towards financial literacy.

A guided journey towards financial literacy.

Learn at your own pace to unlock your financial potential.

Learn at your own pace to unlock your financial potential.

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How can the Academy help you?

At MNYMSTRS, we believe financial literacy is the key to making better decisions about your money.
We’ve deconstructed finance to create a guided learning journey that will help you connect the dots on fundamental terms and concepts.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

They say that ‘money makes the world go round’ and mastering the basics early can make the difference between a life of security or scarcity.

A budget is people telling their money where to go instead of wondering where it went.
Dave Ramsey


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create The Academy?

Our vision is to build a future where everyone can knowledgeably and confidently participate in the world of money. Because when you understand how money works, you can make your money work better for you. This is our way of helping to create financial equality.

What is financial literacy?

In the simplest terms, financial literacy is understanding financial fundamentals. It includes personal finance management like budgeting & saving, economic concepts like interest and inflation, how to set financial goals and the importance of investing and diversification. Ultimately financial literacy will help build a financial future that meets your needs and wants.

Why is financial literacy important?

We live in a world that is based on a market economy. It creates businesses, employment, goods and services and impacts our financial stability. Financial literacy creates strong foundations for both individuals and groups to create financial health and wealth.

At what age should we start learning about finance?

Warren Buffet advocates for financial learning by pre-school. Finance is a life skill that everyone should have – like knowing how to do your laundry and make your own dinner. While some of the language in our program is more advanced, many of the concepts are simple enough for parents to share with their children – especially in Personal Finance.

Financial education for free?

Yes. We believe that financial literacy and equality are a causes worth investing in. Our future plans will include a premium subscription with additional tools and features but the fundamentals will always be free for anyone who wants to learn. This is our promise.

Who are we?

A small group of people with a big vision – to help everyone understand how money works.
Each one of us is dedicated to creating a stronger financial future by providing free access to a financial education.
We believe this is a social movement that everyone can join.
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